Every year the Minnesota Chapter of ICRI offers scholarship opportunities for students who are interested or engaged in concrete study and design. The goal of the MN chapter of ICRI scholarship is to provide tuition assistance to students who are engaged in pursuing a carreer in design or engineering in a concrete related field. Scholarship amounts are typically offered in the range of $1,500 (actual amount given may vary dependent on number of scholarships awarded.)

Students eligible for scholarship consideration should:

  1. Have substantially completed or will complete at least two years of study at a higher education institution.
  2. Be enrolled in undergraduate study  related to concrete design, materials, construction, etc.
  3. Have attended at least one MN chapter ICRI event.

Students interested in applying for scholarship oportunities or obtaining a full list of criteria should view the application.

To apply for the ICRI MN Chapter Scholarship, CLICK HERE


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