Board Member at Large

Adam Bakeman

American Engineering Testing


Name: Adam Bakeman

Employer: American Engineering Testing

ICRI Board Position: Board Member at Large


Professional Accreditations: NACE CIP Level 2, ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician

Education: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. B.A. Construction Management

Years of Industry Experience: 9

MN ICRI Relevant Experience: 6

Other industry organization memberships/experience: ASTM F06 Member – Technical Contact for Standards ASTM F2170 & ASTM F1869.


Adam Bakeman is a Senior Engineering Technician with American Engineering Testing (AET). He has been with AET for 9 years, he is actively involved in concrete, concrete repair and concrete coatings installation as well as failure analysis.


How long have you been involved with ICRI?

I have been a member if ICRI MN Chapter for 6 years, all of the time I have been on the board. Past membership & Education Committees as well as Past President.


Why are you a member of ICRI?

ICRI is a tremendous resource at both the national and local levels. I have gained a lot of insight, knowledge, solutions and contacts through my interactions at ICRI over the past 6 years.


What do you do when you are not working?

I am not a sit-around type of person. I try to stay very active. Summer activities involve hiking, running, biking and a sport called Hurling. Winter activities are teaching my oldest to play hockey and maybe some pond hockey for myself.

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