Adam Bakeman

Adam Bakeman

Adam Bakeman

Board Member at Large

5Name: Adam Bakeman

Employer: Walker Consultants

ICRI Committee: Board Member at-Large

Education:  BA Construction Management, UMN Twin Cities


Years of Industry Experience: 15

MN ICRI Relevant Experience: 13 years

Adam Bakeman is a Restoration Specialist with Walker Consultants in Minneapolis, MN, where he is been a part of the Restoration Group.  Adam is a past president of the ICRI Minnesota Chapter and is a member of the ICRI National Certification Committee. He is currently the technical contact for both ASTM F 2170 and ASTM F1869. He is an ICRI Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician, an ICRI Certified Concrete Surface Repair Technician, a  Certified NACE Coating Inspector Level 2 and help instruct the ICRI Concrete Moisture Certification Course.

How long have you been involved with ICRI?
I have been participating with ICRI MN since 2010

Why are you a member of ICRI?
ICRI is a great way to remain active and current with industry peers. You have direct exposure to people and are able to learn and work with industry experts.

What do you do when you are not working?
In the summer I enjoy riding my bike, camping, hiking with the family and coaching my 2 kids in baseball. In the winter the family enjoys skiing/snowboarding taking care of the local outdoor ice rinks and coaching my oldest in hockey.